#1 Orange

This oil can help maintain a healthy weight during the holidays, and it also uplifts the mood to help fight the winter-time blues! Try combining it with nutmeg and cinnamon bark in a diffuser. The scent is absolutely delicious!

#2 Nutmeg

This is a very calming oil. Diffusing it really helps one relax. It’s also perfect if you start to feel a little achy from the cold as it will warm and provide temporary relief. Plus, if you have company coming over diffuse this and the house will smell delicious!

#3 Cinnamon Bark

Known for it’s immune-boosting powers, Cinnamon bark is something to definitely have on hand for the spiced cider and baked goods. But did you know that it’s also been used to help provide relief during “that time of the month,” ladies? Who knew! Forget the chocolate, go grab some cider with cinnamon!

#4 Lavender

This favorite essential oil has so many uses – and skin care is one of them! It is known for treating psoriasis and reduces marks from burns, scars and stretch marks and can also rejuvenate dry skin during these harsh winter months. Lavender can be applied topically by applying 2 to 3 drops directly to the affected area.

#5 Peppermint

Aids in healthy digestion, and is also very invigorating. It can benefit in keeping your head feeling well during times of tension, and also helps with focus and alertness.

#6 Ginger

Ginger is great for the tummy, and definitely a must in all that holiday baking as well! It can also help in maintaining a healthy weight during the months when most everyone puts on about 5lbs.

#7 Sandalwood

Sandalwood is excellent for soothing, firming and softening skin and is antiviral, so effective for scars, wrinkles and acne.  Apply 2 to 3 drops topically, but if your skin is sensitive be sure to dilute this essential oil in sesame, coconut or olive oil before applying to skin.

#8 Oregano

Oregano oil if often known for it ability to enhance immune function, its antioxidant properties and its support for the respiratory system.  This natural gem is always a good tool to keep on hand for those who need it.  It can also be used as flavoring for recipes.  Bonus!