Love the peppermint, can’t get enough. Organic love is the best love


Got some of the Ghost Hunter sauce today. Absolutely love it. Thanks.


Tasted all of the hot sauces today (all were very flavorful) and purchased the Scorpion Sauce. It is refreshing to have a tasty hot sauce that is truly tasty and hot… and locally made to boot!!! Thank you, Melissa!


I picked up the Ghost pepper vinegar sauce and the Scorpion Stone sauce on Friday. Melissa was very cool. The sauces were pretty artisan. For me, I’m used to having Dante’s Inferno in most Ghost/Scorpion sauces, but not here. Both sauces are very tasty. It’s like they say “Hey we look mean, but we’re actually pretty nice”. I used both sauces in culinary dishes this weekend. They’re just darn tasty. You don’t breath fire either. Anyhow, great stuff!


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