Rachel Benson

Rachel is the foundation of Further Farms, she is not only diligent in her mission towards excellence, but innovative. She earns the title of Visionary by constantly finding new ways to improve the product as well as the processes. She may seem quiet in her appearance, but she is a powerful force in keeping Further Farms at the top of the industry.

Bethany Stillwell

Bethany Stillwell is a new addition to the Further Farms team. She is well educated and very experienced in creating awareness for local business through her tried and true tactics. Bethany is very excited to help show \, not only Nashville, but the world why Further Farms is the clear choice for the highest quality spices, essential oils, and sauces. Bethany has seen the success that the custom branded products which clients have patronized can bring. From private label sauces for local restaurants and public figured, exclusive spice blends, and brands built off of unique essential oil blends.

Reis O'Neill

With over 12 years in multi-media design and marketing strategy, Reis has stepped in to create a new era for Further Farms. Adding in-house labeling capabilities and custom design skill, the future clients will enjoy a one-stop-shop for creating thier own brand from the Further farms line of products.